Overwrite or replace previously uploaded file

I’m using gravity forms to facilitate file uploads to specified SFTP locations. To do this I’m successfully using the gform_upload_path_#ID filter to specify upload path. However when a user uploads a file with the same name of a pre-existing file it appends a sequence number to the file name and keeps both files.

For instance, if the file being loaded is “dailytrackingnumbers.csv” and is uploaded the first time. Then they upload “dailytrackingnumber.csv” a second time. Rather than overwriting the original file gravity forms uploads it to the SFTP location as dailytrackingnumber1.csv. The third time it’s uploaded it’s renamed “dailytrackingnumber2.csv” and so on.

I need a way to have gravity form to replace / overwrite a pre-existing file, rather than renaming and keeping both.

Is this a scenario where the user uploading files is known/consistent and logged in?

I could see an approach working whereby:

  • Set the Form Settings to require the user to be logged in to access the form
  • Use a Gravity Flow User Input Step with either the Save Progress setting turned on, or a radio button the user defines “Are they done sending updated copies of this file?” as Yes/No values.
  • Move your custom code to SFTP, likely hooked on gform_after_submission now, into a custom step type.
  • Using the Conditional Logic and Next Step settings on each, you could create a loop to continue letting them modify (and SFTP update) the file until they are done.
  • In this case, they are deleting the existing file and if they upload new it will have the correct filename.


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