OTP Email Verification before submitting a form

Hi there,

I’m using Miniorange Email verification inside a GravityForm.

My form have several pages and on the second page I ask for an email. I validate this email by sending an OTP (one time password) using the plugin in order to allow the visitor to continue to fill the form.

What happens is that Miniorange Xecurify support is very, VERY, V-E-R-Y slow. To the point that I got tired waiting for their answer (this is not the first time) and I’m shopping around for an alternative (cheaper, more expensive… I don’t care. As long as it works and I have at least a live chat support because I can’t barely understand them at the phone support as well).

Can anyone help me? Any ideas for implementing such email validation in a Gravity Form?

Thanks in advance.

Here’s the plugin in case anyone is looking for something like this:

Chris, this is exactly the plugin I’m running away from. Their support is useless. I’m stuck and no hope of reply. Thanks for the recommendation anyway.

I was not recommending it, just listing it as a reference for others.

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Update: Miniorange can do it… …if you hire them to modify the app. I left a suggestion for them to make it a standard feature in their future updates. (I doubt they will implement this.)

I won’t hold my breath then!

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Just a thread necro in case people are still looking for a decent work-around.

I had a similar situation, and because I’m a Gravity Perks fanboy, I was able to do this with their addons.

This does require multiple forms.

Form 1: Unique ID (numerical).
I use the 'Unique ID field to build a 6 digit number. This either gets emailed or SMS’ed to the person on submission. The form then redirects to form 2.

Form 2: Easy Passthrough & Populate Anything.
The first field is a hidden email address passthrough, followed by a numerical field input which needs to match the Unique ID (Populate value dynamically, that needs to match the random number generator.

Once the numbers match, you can go further with the form.

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