SMS / OTP verification for form submission

There was an add-on that was pulled from Envato I an looking to replicate the functionality of the form being able to be submitted only after the OTP / SMS Verification succeeded (obviously for the forms that contain the phone field)

Does anyone knows of an add-on available?

I’m not familiar with the Envato plugin, but I do know there’s an official GF add-on for Twilio:

Thank you @Hiranti, I am looking for a very different functionality. I would visitors filling a form where there is a cell number field to be verified by an OTP / SMS before the can submit. We have a “Demo Open” form where the phone number is needed however quite a lot of “fakes” are given…

@user5b322ae3733af5.3 The plugin you mention was called “Gravity Forms SMS Pro” by Hannansoft

His website was but it’s down apparently.

I still use his plugin with Twilio and it’s working fine. No clue what happened with CodeCanyon but it’s not the first time something like that happens.

You can try to contact the guy, I’m pretty sure it’s him on Twitter:

If you get in touch, please let us know what happened with that plugin since CodeCanyon is apparently booting plugin authors without saying why to the paying customers…

Here’s what you might be looking for

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