FAIL: Gravity Forms Registration + Gravity Forms Auto Login + OTP Verification (MiniOrange)

Hello GF Community,

Having created a personalised transport services business (licenced under rideshare in Australia) I needed to create an online registration service that confirms mobile number ownership as part of the process.
www . driveu . vip

That led me to MiniOrange. MiniOrange Recommendeds the use of RegistrationMagic which I setup and have been using.
These two work well together, OTP and registration seamless, BUT I always wanted my OTP Registration as part of my Booking Request form, clean and seamless with no redirect.

I had to get the site functional so I stuck with this solution but a few days ago I did some deeper research and found that MiniOrange in fact (Claims that it is) usable with Gravity Forms (But oddly has Gravity Forms as the very very last option, #47 to be exact!? Sigh) however I pushed on.

I then realised that successful completion would not redirect the new user with auto login (which is a feature or registration Magic) so I searched and found GravityWiz’s Gravity Forms Auto Login.

Sorted I thought :frowning: however, there seems to be a conflict between MiniOrange and Gravity, and a conflict between MiniOrange and Gravity Forms Auto Login which I worked out via a process of elimination and trial end error summarised in the screen capture.

I have reached out to MiniOrange and an STILL waiting for a reply so it looks.

So, can anyone assist me in getting this system working


Recommend an OTP that will work with Gravity Forms Registration + Gravity Forms Auto Login

as I really want to ditch registration magic and use GF as I always have for all my online projects.

Hopeful for some guidance.



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