Optional validation message

Dear all,

My problem is: I need a custom “validation” message when a user enters specific terms into a field. However, the message has only informative character - therefore the user should be able to continue with the form despite the error (in contrary to classic gform_field_validation).

Can I use the gform_field_validation function or is there a better option?

Thanks in advance & kind regards,

Gform_field_validation is probably not the correct method, because that will prevent the submission from going forward.

Can you use an HTML field with your message, and use conditional logic to show that when specific terms are entered into the previous field? That would be informative only and not prevent submission.

It works. Thanks! To save some time for other readers, this code makes your HTML form look like a validation message:

.sample {
Font-size: 15px ;
color: #C02B0A;
Border: 1px  solid #C02B0A;
Background-color: #FFF9F9;
Padding-top: 13px;
Padding-right: 24px;
Padding-bottom: 13px;
Padding-left: 24px;

<p class="sample">YOUR MESSAGE</p>

However, I struggle with the conditional logic function. For example: My HTML form should be visible, if the user enters “cat”. The easiest way to make sure that the HTML is visible only in this case is adding two conditions (one with " cat" and "cat "; blank space before and after the word). My gravity form auto-delets the blank space if I click on save. Therefore my HTML form is also visible for entries such as “Catherine” or “Mercators” . Any ideas to solve this?

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