Email validation error message fires on page load

Hello, I’m running into an issue where an error message is displaying on the email field on page load before the user enters any text.

I have multiple page breaks in the form with conditional logic. The email field is on the last page. The error message fires when the user clicks the next button and the last page in the form appears.

I went through the documentation but haven’t found a solution. Below is a screenshot of the error message.

Screen Shot 2023-03-02 at 11.53.58 AM

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I am having the same error, just started today.

That messaging does not exist in Gravity Forms. Did you add “Sorry, the email address entered is not eligible for this form.” as a custom validation message somewhere? If not, then that is being returned by another plugin. If you’re not sure which plugin, you can use the conflict resolution steps to determine the cause:

Thank you.

Thanks Chris,
The error that I am receiving is :

  • Unable to process the submission. Errors have been highlighted below

Hi Brad. I see that at the top of the form. I was looking at the message under the Email field.

In order to keep these issues separate, I recommend that you please open a support ticket here and include a copy of the form export:

Thank you.

@chrishajer - It’s not a custom validation message. Attached is a screenshot of the code. Would a plugin conflict add the gfield_error class to the field container?

@chrishajer - Also, we are using that same field on a number of other forms across our site but haven’t experienced the issue.

Only thing that might differentiate this form from others on the site, is that we are using conditional logic on page breaks.

@chrishajer - I believe I may have discovered the issue. I found the validation message in a file for the plugin Gravity Forms Email Blacklist. I’ll disable the plugin to see if that is indeed the issue.

Will follow up once I confirm.

Thank you for the update.

Hi Chris
Did you find anything that might be causing the issue?

@chrishajer - Confirming that the plugin “Gravity Forms Email Blacklist” was causing the issue. In summary:

When the email field is behind a “Page Break” with conditional logic, the error message “Sorry, the email address entered is not eligible for this form." might display on load without any user input.

I’ll reach out to the plugin developer to log the issue,.

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