Customers having errors on the form without knowing

I have a Gravity form with a submission button after a series of questions for the customer to select. Some are required. Once the customer submits the form, it either redirects to another form I made saying thank you for your submission. If there are errors on the form (or empty fields required to be completed) then the customer is brought back to the top of the web page/ form like they were just starting. There is no error’s listed until they scroll down the web page.

The problem is the customer thinks they are done submitting and the form is not completed. How can i direct the customer if there are error’s on the page? Can i build a new page called Error and direct them there if not all the fields are completed?



I recommend opening a support ticket for assistance with this issue. There should be a message on screen when there is a validation error. If there is not, there’s something abnormal going on.

There is a message, but it is not in front of the customer when they submit. They think they are complete and that their order is placed. I would like to redirect them to another page or bring them somewhere to make sure they know there are missing fields or error’s on the page.

Redirecting to another page is not an option in Gravity Forms. It may be possible with custom code, but I have not seen that done anywhere.

Have you tried enabling AJAX when embedding the form? That will leave the form in place after submission, and the error message should be apparent. If you are using AJAX already, and the main form validation message is at the top of the form and not seen, you could remove the AJAX option, or you could use the gform_confirmation_anchor filter:

Support will be able to help you more with your specific scenario:

Thank you very much. I already have a conditional logic for redirecting the customer to a ‘success’ page once it is submitted, but it doesn’t redirect when there is an error.

appreciate your help. ill issue a ticket.

Correct. With a validation error, the same page is reloaded and the errors are identified on page, so they can be corrected.