Oops must be logged in to view this form

@chrishajer the form was recently hidden by using memberpress. I removed the rule and the page is now public. But when visiting the page it says Oops! You must be logged in to view this form.

I’ve cleared all caches and visited page in an incognito window. Tried enable jquery migrate helper. Checked my functions.php file, and also double checked the forms settings to make sure I didn’t enable the option to hide form if not logged in. Checked the legacy forums as well but the other two people who experienced this years ago did not have a solution shared.

When in setting I also enabled require user to be logged in and added the words log in. When I revisited the page the message was updated. When I disable require user to be logged in, the Oops! You must be logged in to use this form reappears. It’s as though it’s enabling this options whether it’s on or not.

I have another form I made public as well and this form can be viewed.

Any thoughts?

I’m not sure Dere. Sounds like you have covered all the normal troubleshooting steps. Have you already opened a support ticket and included the URLs?

I’m not supported.

Chris, I have identified the issue.

When I enable the update user registration feed it seems I have to be logged in. When I disable the feed I can view the form without being logged in. Do you know how to allow a form to work with this type of configuration? My form allows people who are not logged in to log in and people who do not have accounts to create one. But this renders useless if the form doesn’t appear.

Hi Dere,

I’m just curious of your use-case. By its very definition, “update user registration feed” implies a logged-in user whose details need to be updated. That can’t be done if the user is not logged in.

Or am I missing something?

It’s like being able to read a post on the community but not being able to post. Except in this case you can’t even read the post if you’re not logged in.

I want people to be able to see what they can do with the form but not be able to submit the form without being logged in.

At the top of the form I ask them to either sign in or sign up.

While this seems easy enough, it would seem by enabling the update user meta feed renders my field logic useless.

This particular form doesn’t update the users basic meta like name or email but custom user meta.