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Sorry to revive an older thread but I would like a way around this too. Basically we have a custom multi-step registration…

Step 1 - user signs up with just their email through Paid Memberships Pro, logs user in then proceeds to Step 2
Step 2 - Gravity form shows fields for user’s email, username, and password. The email and username are pre-populated from Step 1, but they can still edit them along with their password

And we have a couple more steps after that unrelated to Gravity Forms. Ultimately everything works fine, but for users who are not logged in who stumble on the Step 2 page, it’d be nice if they could see the form and essentially use it to register, instead of us having to say “Hey go to Step 1 before you can fill out this form”

Ultimately would just be cool if the form could adapt either way. If the user is logged in, update their profile data, if not, allow the to register if the email/password fields are present etc.

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