One Form with multiple Google Tags

Hello dear community,

My website includes 4-5 landing pages, all of which I want to promote individually on Google Ads. Users come from one of the landing pages to the form page.

This is where my problem starts:

  • How can I make sure that the Google Tag is assigned one-to-one to the respective landing page?

  • In the form, should I ask the user to select their preference (“what are you interested in?”)?

I want to use this with google conversion tracking and just make sure I’m tracking the right user data. Just wondering if it’s smarter to use multiple forms, or one universal one. And if so, what is the best way to build this universal form?

I am a gravity forms beginner, unfortunately. That’s why it would be appreciated if you guys could help me out.

Are you wanting to include a different Google Tag on each form? If so you can insert an HTML field in each form containing the correct google tag?

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