One form with different courses and limited participants? [RESOLVED]


Is it possible to use GF to create a registration form for different courses (for example dance, art, movies, streetart etc.) and that I can define the maximum amount of persons who can registrate for a certain course? e.g. for dance maximum is 30 persons, art 12 persons, movies 10 persons ets.
And when the course is full, it does not show in the radio buttons / drop down menu anymore…

Hi Maarit,

From Gravity Forms side of things the only way to limit form submissions is to restrict the number of entries for a form under the Restrictions section of the form settings: Form Settings - Gravity Forms Documentation

According to your use case description I would say you’re using Gravity Forms with LearnDash, right? If so, note that Gravity Forms doesn’t include any built-in integration or support for LearnDash, that’s something provided by add-on developed by LearnDash, so if you’re using this and the above doesn’t fit your needs, I would recommend you to reach them for further advice.

Hi Samuel,

I found the restrictions for the whole form but that I do not want to do. I want to limit the entries of a certain course (drop down menu) inside a form, but that is not possible then, I guess.

I’m not using LearnDash.

To limit the number of times a drop down choice can be submitted, you can use the Gravity Wiz Limit Choices Perk:

Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you.

Thanks Chris, this is exactly what I meant! :slight_smile:

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