Nor manual neither automatic imports for conditional pricing works

I think it would be better to explain my choices and then my problem.
I have a system of conditional pricing with several choices and the price needs to be updated every week. For example field1 has 4 options, field2 has around 50 options, field3 has around 4 options. so total mix counts up to 1000 prices.
I had 2 options for solving the issue, using gravity forms with conditional pricing of gravity perks addon and using variation products of woocommerce.
My users like the forms and also it has a cleaner and more formal view. so I chose Gravity forms and set up everything.
But the problem is that in MVP, I set around 60 options in total and it is a long way toward 1000 options.
I tried exporting forms using JSON format and adding values to JSON manually. after import, no conditional pricing exists.
I tried inputing values into database manually (using cPanel and phpMyAdmin) and it doesn’t works again and I have no idea how it could be possible when two forms have the same DB values and the same fields and one of them has less options. It is somehow confusing. :no_mouth:
Does anyone any suggestions on any solutions?
I have latest Updates of wordpress, gravityforms, gravity perks, and astra theme installed.

Hi Mint,

If you have an active Gravity Perks License, you can get in touch with us via our Support Form, with an export of the Form, so we can assist you to resolve this issue.


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