New install - "Add New" Not Working [RESOLVED]

Hey all!

First time here. I just submitted a ticket and am a bit pressed so I thought I would see if anyone has quick tips.

I just got GF installed and all seems well. Except that when I attempt to create our first form–I get nothing. When I click on the “Add New” at the top–nothing happens.

I’ve cleared cache, logged out and in, restarted, and am not sure what else to do.


Thanks in advance!

Chances are that is due to a theme or plugin conflict. You can use these steps to check for conflicts on the site:

Let us know if you hear back from support about your ticket.

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Just a quick note in case this supports someone else, Karl got back to me surprisingly quickly and shared the following:

Try disabling No-Conflict mode on the Forms > Settings page, toggling that option to the opposite value from what you currently have it set to can often help when you run into issues with strange behavior like this while creating a new form. If that does not help I would recommend running through a full theme and plugin conflict test as another element of the site’s setup may be including a conflicting script and causing that behavior:

As it turns out–and per Chris’ post–it is in fact, a theme conflict :frowning:

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