Need to group names in Gravity View

Hi all.

I have a view repeating names and different points. I would like to group by names and add the points. This is the shortcode I have:

[gv_math scope="view" id="366" filter="{HiddenID:10}" {1Day:8:sum}[/gv_math]

HiddenID is the ID by which I’m grouping and 1Day is the label I am giving to the field which is called Total as per attached.

Can you please guide me how to fix the shortcode? What I need for example:
abc - 3
abc - 4
def - 2

want it to show:
abc - 7
def - 2

Hi Mathew,

Your shortcode should be:

[gravitymath scope="view" id="366" filter="filter_8={HiddenID:10}"]{1Day:8:sum}[/gravitymath]

You can use either [gv_math] or [gravitymath]; both work.

Regarding the usage of Math filters: How to target a specific field value with [gravitymath] filters - GravityKit Support, Knowledge Base, How-To & Docs

Also, just so you know: There’s currently no way to group entries in GravityView.

Here’s how to create summaries using GravityMath only: How to Display Summaries Using [gravitymath] - GravityKit Support, Knowledge Base, How-To & Docs

Hi Rafael

Thanks for your help. Since the name of the persons is dynamically generated, I cannot do what I need to do right, since I cannot preset a display summary dynamically?

Yes, unfortunately, that’s correct.

We are about to release a new version of GravityMath that will have a way to generate a summary dynamically. Please get in touch with us, and we’ll notify you once that’s released: GravityKit Support: Contact Our Expert Support Team - GravityKit

Thanks Rafael :slight_smile:

Will await the new version then. Am happy to test a beta version if you’d like. The site is not mission critical so I can afford a few bugs