Need to format data supplied to a fillable PDF

I could really use some help.

I’ve got a plug-in that maps GF fields to a fillable PDF. For the most part, the formatting of the fields in the fillable PDF apply and the vanilla options in Acrobat complete 90% of my project. However my client is asking for formatting in a few cases that would require custom formatting options and these do not fire (in Acrobat) when the fields are supplied dynamically from GF. (Those formatting customizations DO fire when I fill them in by typing in the number by hand.)

Any alternative thoughts on how to handle this? Maybe before the data gets sent to Acrobat?

I’m wondering if there’s a handy way to take a NUMBER from GF, and turn it into a STRING, so that I might then concatenate into the value I require, after all calculation is complete - and supply THAT value to Acrobat instead. So for example - GF is calculating a number such as 99000 to Acrobat. I really need it to say, “99,000.00 kHz”.

(This is one of my two issues, the second issue is that my client wants the dollar sign outside of parentheses for negative values. So “-99000” becomes “$(99,000.00)”

ANY help on this would be appreciated. Can we concatenate in GF with strings? Please advise.

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