Need help with a really custom woocommerce form

I am looking for someone who can help me build a custom form that integrates into a woocommerce website. The goal of the form would be to ask a series of questions and recommend a product. For an example, the client likes how this website that sells dog food provides an interactive form that asks a series of questions and then recommends a product.

Can anyone contact me or provide the necessary resources to accomplish something similar?

Thank you,


Hey Ray, contact me at gennady[at]kovshenin[dot]com, please. I might be able to help.

Hello Ray,

I can surely assist you with your task.

Please contact me at anna(dot)cis23(at)gmail(dot)com or S-K-Y-P-E:cis(dot)am2 for a formal quote. I assure the price will be very reasonable.

Hoping for prompt response.

Best Regards,

Anna J