Multiple email addresses in a Email field [RESOLVED]

I’m having trouble submitting a form with an email field that contains more than 1 email address in a comma-separated list.

I added the filter found on this page:

Now the form passes Gravity Form’s validation but the built-in browser validation is failing. I can inspect the email field and add a “multiple” attribute to the field and it passes.

Has anyone else run into this issue? Is there a way to add the “multiple” attribute to a form field with Gravity Forms or some other way around this?

I have to use an email field since I’m sending out notifications based on the contents of this field. The “Send To” value has to be an email field on the Notifications admin page.

You can turn off HTML5 output so that the browser does not think that value is invalid.


Thanks, Chris! It took me a while to find that option but I think it’s a good workaround.

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