Configure Routing: Can I have more than one email address in the Send to?

I have a form that allows the sender to choose from a couple of categories. Each category has a Sent to notification email address set up in Configure Routing. Am I able to set up multiple addresses in the Send to with a comma or am I restricted to one only? I have tried several times to add multiple addresses but only one email address has been receiving it.


Hi Jonathan. Yes, you can use multiple email addresses in the “To” for a routing rule. I did it with two, and three. The addresses should be comma separated, with no spaces. If you’re having difficulty receiving those, chances are it’s the mail server on one end or the other that is preventing the delivery.

You can enable logging to see what Gravity Forms is doing with the notifications:

You can also open a support ticket if you need more personalized assistance and help interpreting the logs: