Notifications TO field merge tags

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In this help doc it says:

You will see a setting labeled Send To . This allows you to determine how the message is sent. The options available are the following:

  • Enter Email: This can be a merge tag for a field in your form like {Email:2}, a single email address, or multiple email addresses separated by a comma that all notifications for this form will be sent to, eg: or,,

And so I configured the email to send to two email addresses like this:

Which resulted in this error:

So…I cannot actually send notifications to two email addresses entered into the form? Or what have I done wrong here?

Seriously I find nothing in Gravity Forms works the way developers say it does.

As an update to this I have determined that it only fails when no second email address is added.

Which seems like poor coding.

It does send the emails when there are email addresses in both fields.

Hi Krystal. You can work around this limitation like this:

Notification 1: configured with two merge tags in the TO field. Use conditional logic to send this notification when ALL the conditions are true. The conditions will be “If Email 1 IS NOT” and then leave the value empty, and “If Email 2 IS NOT” empty. That will match when there are email addresses submitted in both fields.

Notification 2: configured with one merge tag in the TO field. Use conditional logic on this notification to send when one rule matches: “Email 2 is” (empty).

That presumes that the first email field is required and the second email field is optional.

If you have any other questions or if that does not work for you, please let us know.

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