Multi-Step form Thank you page not working

Hello, I have a problem with a multi step form. I have a “Thank you page” enabled for GTM Tracking. The form has 3 steps but a 4th step is conditionally enabled, depending on the selection of the user.

The issue I have is that if the user completes all 4 steps of the form the “Thank you page” works. If user only does 3 steps of the form because the 4th step is irrelevant the Thank you page does not work.

I have done troubleshooting by disabling all plugins, same error. I also went on and installed GF on a brand new website with just Default Wordpress Theme installed, I imported the form but the error is the same. So I can exclude theme/plugin conflict because the error also shows on the simple WP site with just 1 theme and GF installed.

Please advise?

We recently discovered the last page of a multipage form being hidden by conditional logic can prevent the honeypot version_hash from being added to the submission, resulting in the form failing honeypot validation.

Since your form is using page fields and page conditional logic is configured on the last page, the recommendation is to disable the honeypot on the Form Settings page of the form until that issue is resolved.

Hi @richardw8k,

thanks for the fast response. This has actually solved my problem.

Take care

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