Multi step form next button not working

My multi page form is’t working, when i click the next button on the form with pagination element, it simply gives a warning that an error ocurred.

but the previous one works…

I can’t seem to discover why, any help?

My form pagination is broken…

i already made the plugin conflict debug, jquery library check, and the custom css removal, because some user experienced the same error because the selectors order were wrong, but thats not my case.

You as a support should have more options for users or a debugging guide as the plugin conflict test.

And if your awnser to a paying user is to shoo them off, saying you have to do the plugin conflict every single time, maybe you should consider a different approach!

My problem is unresolved, and i’m waiting for help, since have done my search, my disabling and even remade the form a nice number of times, and the problem isn’t solved, and you don’t seem to care

I see that you have a support ticket open. To avoid duplication of effort, we will help you there rather than here. Thank you.