Multi Page formation, different time by step


Please help me!
I want to create multi page form.


  1. Step the user fills the data sheet and i set the current time 10:11
  2. Step the user fills the data sheet and now the current time 10:13

and I would store these two dates separately. It is possible?

Thanks for the answers!

Best regards
Oláh Zoltán

Greetings Oláh !

I am a paying GF customer just like you, I will try to help.

Is the implied context of your question include writing some custom PHP code, or are you looking for a non-coding solution ?

Also, when you say “store these two dates” what are the details of that planned action ? (stored how, database, another field, for the notification email, ? etc)


Hi! Thank you your answer but sloved my problem.

Best Regards
Oláh Zoltán