Monitor Log File & Send Email on Matching Text

Hi all,

I have been troubleshooting a problem with Webhooks connecting to another server for a while now. Currently, an error in the Webhooks log file is my only indication that things are broken besides things not working. I’m looking for a way to monitor this TXT log file and send me an email when matching text is found. I can deploy a 3rd party plugin. Thoughts?

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Hi @muzicman82 - this may be more related to the server monitoring of a log file rather than something within WordPress or Gravity Forms. This discussion covers monitoring log files on a server and mailing on specific events:

Ideally you could extend the logging class in Gravity Forms to also send an email, but there are no hooks or filters to do that currently, so you will have to find another method to catch these errors currently.

I sort of need to do this with a plugin since the site in question is on shared hosting and I don’t think I can deploy something like that. I suppose I could use a URL watcher since it is just a text file but I’d have to find one that will match text and not just a change.