Mobile phone number bug on Android / Samsung Devices

Found a major issue with Samsung Android phones when inputing into the phone field. When typing the numbers, erroneious characters are added and the cursor skips… you can see it here in this video. Is there a ticket in to fix this?

This also happens when you use a text field with a US phone input mask. If you remove the mask, it works fine.

hi, the issue is caused by the predictive text feature of the Samsung keyboard when English (US) is selected as language for the keyboard (it may fail also with other languages, not tested). If you switch to English (UK) for the keyboard language, the issue is gone.

So I’m afraid this is something you will want to report to Samsung support.

As workaround the user can turn off predictive text or switch to default Android keyboard (Google Keyboard) or a third-party keyboard (e.g. SwiftKey).

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Hi Samuel telling the user to change keyboards or language input isn’t a legitimate work around. These are all public web forms used in a marketing / contact us environment. No one is going to change their keyboard to fill out a gravity form.

Has your team brought this to Samsung’s attention? Asking your users / us to bring this up with Samsung also doesn’t sound like a great way to support your product.

Samsung is 25% of the market for mobile devices and the US english keyboard is huge. Surely there is some plan that your team has to address this issue? Do you know how long this bug has been in place?

I believe i found a legitimate work around for anyone who is concerned about this issue. If you go to GF settings and use html 5 output for the fields, mobile devices will load up the numeric keypad instead of the qwerty keyboard. In my testing the above described bug doesn’t pop up with the numeric keypad.

We’ll close this topic and continue support via the ticket you opened. Thank you.

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