Meta_key problem


I have a problem with meta_key ! When I edit an entry there are two records related to a single field.
one of the meta_key is the number which is the field number and one is a hash code in my database. How can I decode the hash code, what difference between them, and why its two?

Another problem is related to single file field. In edit mode when I delete a single file the record on a database with number meta_key deleted but the hash code meta_key does not so while I tried to edit the single file, I should delete the file first and then select another file to upload and because the record is not delete, new file its not saved in database however file save on local disk and new record created on database with hash meta_key but there is no meta_key with field number.

because of that I should first delete all hash meta_key and then upload the file.
Also when a file deleted from a entry its not deleted from the local disk !


Hi Kamram. I recommend opening a support ticket for these questions:

Thank you.


Thank you Chris, I’m working for a company and I don’t have access to their account to submit the ticket because of that I opened my issue in the forum.


How are you editing entries? Are you using a plugin for that, or are you editing the entry using the Gravity Forms interface, and the “Edit” button on the single entry?

By using gravity forms entry interface. I tested something and I understand that sometimes when I delete the files they are not deleted from storage.
sometimes numeric meta_key is deleted and hash meta_key exists and sometimes its reverse!

Hi Kamran. This sounds like a complex enough topic for a support ticket, but I understand you don’t have a license. Can you share some screenshots of the data you’re talking about? Thank you.

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