Gf_entry_meta hoarding data after deleting entries


I’m having an issue with the gf_entry_meta table containing nearly 2 million entries.

I am regularly purging the entries in my forms (mostly on action of the webhooks using PowerAutomate and the Rest API to delete the specific entry) however it appears that they still remain in this table indefinitely.

Is this normal behavior? Surely if I am asking GravitForms to delete entries (including the bin) they should be removed from here also?

What are the consequences of me dumping this row entirely, I don’t need to keep any of the entries in the database for any reason, in fact I would prefer not to for security purposes.

Are you including the force=1 query argument when making the REST API request to delete the entry? Without that argument, the entry status simply changes to trash, so the data remains.

Hi Daniel. You can use the Personal Data Settings on any form to permanently delete every entry after some period of time. The options look like this: Screenshot on 2023-11-30 at 22-37-44.png - Droplr

Will that work for you to permanently delete entries after one day?

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