Merge tags in html field [RESOLVED]

I’d like to display portions of my form entries and calculations in an html field. The merge tags listed in the html editor do not include any of the merge tags that are visible in the number field when using calculations. I have tried using the same merge tag that I use in a calculation in the html field, buy it doesn’t display. What is the proper way to display an entry or calculated value in an html field?

I would also like to populate a radio button list or drop down list with a set of numbers calculated from another number field. Is it possible to do that?

Populating fields in the form with information from other fields in the form cannot be done natively in Gravity Forms using merge tags. Gravity Wiz has a plugin that can do this though, called Populate Anything. I recommend checking out their demo to see if the plugin can meet your needs:

Without a plugin such as that one, because the native capability does not exist in Gravity Forms, you would need to create your own JavaScript or jQuery to populate fields using information entered (or calculated) in other fields in the same form.

Are you familiar with Gravity Wiz? They offer a plugin called populate anything? Here’s a link populate anything

I believe it’s designed almost specifically for your use case.

Thank you. It looks like it might do it. Too bad there isn’t a youtube tutorial or the ability to try before you buy.

Here’s a YouTube video

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