Mapping conditional fields to Zoho

Hi all, so I have an issue whereby I have used conditional logic to display different options based on previous field choice, and I’m having trouble mapping this to Zoho.
Annoyingly I’ve managed to make it work in one area, but can’t seem to recreate it.
Simplest example, I have 4 font themes, they pick Fancy for example, then the form displays another 5 fonts to choose from. Like a menu.
What I can’t work out, is how to get whichever form option they choose, to auto fill into one field inside Zoho. I don’t want to have multiple boxes inside my Zoho form as it would just become too large.
I realise I may need to explain more, but anyone who has had a similar setup experience, I’d love to have a chat with.

Michael, if you have one unique set of fields at Zoho, but multiple fields that could be used as source of your data for your Zoho fields, the easiest way to deal with this if you don’t have coding experiencing would be to add as many Zoho feeds as you may need (one per each possible combination of displayed fields) and configure conditonal logic in each feed to determine when to use each one.

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Hi Samuel, yes I did consider that, but my forms are already long enough, I didn’t want to add another dozen or so fields. I also print job cards from the CRM so I’d have to squeeze more fields on the job card. I don’t have coding experience, but would be willing to have it costed to get it done.

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