MAN~ I think I'm going to have to give up

My paltry £500 isn’t even going to begin to interest anyone that will need to hold my hand?

I have sent some sort of spec to Andrew Johnson BUT~ looking at this forum with an eye to hiring a developer to help me solve a registration problem on a vBulletin forum that will need to be ( I THINK ) specifically written from scratch… ?
Closest I’ve found starts at min £3000.

Might be wrong so HOLD a sec for Andrew to get back to me 1st. STAY TUNED.

Hi again,

NOW~ I am MAD ( as in very, VERY angry ) BUT~ Also very pleased, with the person who responded here.
I am not sure if I’ve just seen a prime example of ’ reading between the lines ’ or just another attempt to dispense faecal matter.

SO~ what’s the relevance;
WELL~ A look at my forum and this one here will show that they are the same ONLY in…
1} being Forums
2] needing well-behaved people to register and participate
3} Absolute control over any AND ALL…advertising.

AND~ Gravity forms * is * a proposed solution to that and other individual issues.

NOW~ I know, or at least I think I know, that THIS 1 is not obsessed with membership numbers AND… in the main, is targeted at a specific set of those * NEEDING * and therefore unlikely to blot their own copybook with advertising or other malicious content.

SO~ to GravityForms Forum;
The above poster posted a link to a site that has nothing to do with anything relevant to anything but pure advertising AND AT THAT~ a site that has NO * s * behind the HTTP;//…
This suggests I don’t know what but given the controversial nature of my forum and the website/s I intend to link to it… of considerable concern TO ME.

THEREFORE~ I ask… What vetting DO YOU apply to members that register here OR indeed… can one, using Gravity Forms ** IN DEED ** do so, using Gravity Forms?

As to my choice of Posted Title… this IS the JOB~~discussion section AND YES~ it * is * what I call a FISHING one ( NOT A PHISHING 1 )
AND~ I notice that in the short time it has been up it has drawn over 20 views, so suggest a] a healthy interest in THE GIVING UP Subject and b] a need… for more General discussions.

Any answers and or comments would be welcome.

ALSO~ this Forum SIR ( the above ) does say GO TO JOB section if and or when you want and or need to post any specifics.
SO~ I thank you… FOR NOW~ with PRIME example… allowing me to do so.


Hi Lloyd. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I does appear to be advertising and unrelated to your project, so I removed the post. If you ever run across any posts link that in the future, you can click the “flag” icon under the post, which will bring it to my (and other moderators) attention.

Hey Lloyd,
So looking at the job again, it sounds like you just want users to use Gravity Forms to register onto VBulletin instead of the VBulletin’s default registration system. I think I did a similar project for around $600 USD, or £450. But it depends what else you might want.

Hello Steven,
Aye, after now having had a fair look around I suspected that it might not be as easy as I 1st thought.
I’m beginning to think too, that there may not be as many REAL beginners, needing as much help as I do or at least not here on this Forum.

OH~ and thanks for the shared look-see, really REALLY helps to see an actual incident helper face to face so to speak, much appreciated.

NOW~ as I’ve already said to you but it does bear repeating here, I have been opening a lot of potential doors in order to solve my issues and their requirements. Twice here now on this forum.

BUT~ before I go into that ~ I think it necessary to allow Chris ( moderator ) a chance to come back as asked in private…on the issue of vetting.

Reason being~ I am fully aware of how easy it is to misinterpret intentions AND I have no wish to do so either here with him Or any other on this forum.

SO~ would add Chris~ " My ignorance WILL become legendary ~ for I have no intention of becoming a coder. This WILL entail my showing that ignorance HERE for all to see.
NOR~ is this a blind attempt to bypass any rules BUT~ rather a recognition that MY INTENT * is * to find via my efforts on my own website and forum MEMBERS THAT will need too to utilise both GravityForms AND its Forum "

AND~ repeat AND~ my having done so HERE 1st AND… that being a proven FACT… * will * go a long way towards both convincing and enticing both members to it AND perhaps more importantly… those who will hesitate at the effort needed… to take over that forum and website / websites, when I pass on.
I am 67 and have been given a finite time. So that is of concern to me as well.

Look forward Chris to your thoughts on that * vetting * issue.

Hi Lloyd. If you’d like to remove your post because it seems out of context now, you can click the trash icon, or let me know and I’ll remove it for you. Thanks for helping keep our forums clean and useful for others.

Hi Chris,

Actually, I would like very much to for it to remain just where it is, however, also have your answer right there on the * vetting * issue I’ve raised.
It is of real concern to me AND will be an issue I will be needing to address with whomsoever does finally come around to help me resolve it and the other issues.

Hello, again Steven,
11am my time and a bit early for you I know…
BUT~ not knowing just when you will cast your mind this way again AND~ besides the opportunity to tell you that IT IS my intention to aim the full £500 I have your way, WHENever you do, do so, I feel it would be remiss of me, given both all the verbiage above and my stated need for a proven track record, especially in regard to those members who I am hoping will take up this, MY MANTLE ~ The importance of THE SPACE ** between ** ~ Master & Ignorant.

A space ~ I must emphasise that DOES NOT equate to :~ Jack of all & master of none.

OR~ ( & this is only an example, mind ) The space between what are seemingly 2 opposing positions~ 1 that * is * currently being misused and horrendously abused and the other that is currently TOTALLY ( and wilfully, T*ink i ) ignored.

Specifically ~ Buyer beware ** AND** Seller beware.

NOW~ Steven and Chris too, I suspect ( @least with Steven who I have actually had a face to face ) that both of you know that DUE DILIGENCE * is not * just taking a look at whatever BUT~ also A LOOK @intentions and if shown, especially in the case of BEGINNERS, a very real effort … " to read * between * the lines.

THIS~ I have seen HERE on this forum, UPON clicking on the offered Profile of Steven AND all the information readily available there.

I mention this because IN ESSENCE ~ The Profile ~ of my members * is * what * is * behind my need for a FORMS expert.

ANYWAY~ think that’s enough, but / ???

AND~ A good new year to all of you too.

NOW~ If any of you are on Linkedin you will find that I’ve posted ’ a job ’ to it.
Profile~ Lloyd Davies Just 1 Tongue.

It also says * If you applying know not Gravity Forms AND or do not respond within the next 7 days unfit will you be *
It says that because IF~ I can not solve my issue ~ I will need to take Gravity Forms up on their offer of a refund.
Purchased ~ 13/12/2020
AND~ Believe me NOT ONE OF YOU have any idea of just how disappointed I will then be.
just 1 Tongue

Oh well that’s it , asked for a refund.
Disappointed? You’ve no idea.

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