MailerLite Connector Plug-in


I installed and activated the Gravity Forms MailerLite connector plug-in. I have a checkbox list of newsletters on a User Registration form. I created a Feed for group list and set the Conditional Logic to process if a specific newsletter name is checked. This is working great for updating profile fields in MailerLite and joining a Group List, but how do I set up the form to remove an email from that Group List if that newsletter name is unchecked and form submitted? Do I need to modify the plugin to have a “Join Group List” action and a “Unjoin Group List” action and then setup multiple feeds with conditional logic? I’m not sure how to go about this. Or does the plug-in just need modified to handle join if box checked and remove is box unchecked?

Hello @muzicman82 - the MailerLite integration was not created by us, so I’m afraid we can’t help you with that plugin. I’ll leave the ticket open to see if there is anyone who has experience with that plugin who can lend a hand. Thank you.