Looking to get more Functionality out of my Form

I’m looking to create a form similar to the attached pics in the post. I have gravity wiz perk pack but im not exactly sure how to create this functionality. I have 3 features that im looking to create in my form. In 3 sections, similar layout to the attached pics. “Main tier products” the top section just a list of a couple products. I would like selected products from that list to disappear and allow another “main tier product” to be selected if user wants. Any selection disappears from that section. In second section it would be a complete drop down list of products that would be selectable. Same function as first section i would like the selected product to disappear from the list and allow user to also make more selections. Section 1 items are also in the list of items in section 2. If product is selected from section one it should disappear from section 2. If a product in section 2 is selected that product should disappear in section 1. The last section would just be the dynamic list of all the selections made with quantity options & a remove button.

Ive created a database of products utilizing the post on wordpress. And i also have the live summary addon. If anyone can point me in the right direction of how to go about making this function I’d greatly appreciate

Second pic

This is an interesting feature. I’m not sure how you would do it without some custom development. I think you would use checkboxes for Section 1, but I don’t know of any plugin feature that would remove the option once it’s selected – I think that would have to be custom coded.

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