Logging issue - GF creates a directory instead of a file

I’m sure this is configurable… somewhere…
I’ve been fighting this issue for years. It’s finally getting on my nerves. This on my development machine. The error message is

Warning: fopen(/usr/local/var/www/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/gravity_forms/logs/gravityforms_33f4fa06aab456e8fdc4fe9c3d6773a57b35383a.txt): failed to open stream: Is a directory in /usr/local/var/www/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/gravityforms/includes/logging/includes/KLogger.php on line 61

I have no idea if it works in production, as I don’t usually enable logging there. There’s also some configurable priority in GFCommon::log_debug() that inhibits log messages at debug priority. ISTR when using KLogger years ago that it had that feature, but it looks like it’s hard-coded in the GF depths.


Hi Jeff. I have not seen this error before. I recommend opening a support ticket if you would like help addressing the issue:

Thank you.

Since it’s on my development box, I figured it wouldn’t be of much interest.
I’ll submit one if you haven’t seen that error before.

Thanks Jeff.

GF assumes it’s the only loader of KLogger. This assumption throws a wrench into the rest of your logging machinery.

I had to dig into this as a result of a few mods necessary for 2.5. It seemed this logging issue hadn’t been resolved in 2.5

I use KLogger in a custom WordPress plugin. When enabled on my dev box, I’ll remember to disable that plugin.

Hi Jeff. Thank you for the additional information. Did you find this out via support ticket, or was this all your own discovery? I’d like to get it into a support ticket if you have not already opened one.

I had a ticket, but it’s been closed. The subject was
“Logging issue - GF creates a directory instead of a file - Gravity Forms - 02/01/2021”
This was my own discovery. Unfortunately, I don’t think the FireFox Nightly team believe me.

To be clear: the original post on this topic was the result of my KLogger new() running before yours. Hence, the resulting object does not match your expectations. As I thought, disabling my custom plugin cured the issue.

I found the ticket. Thanks for the additional information Jeff.