Loading data into a nested form without in being submitted

I am trying to load data into a nested form via an ACF Repeater. I’ve hacked together a few different snippets. I know I have pulling data from ACF correct via the loop. But I cannot figure out how to get the data into the child form. I believe the two parts missing is getting the entry ID, and how to trigger the function correctly. I am doing this all with Snippet editor.

function populate_member_child_form() {
	//get parent entry form ID
	$session = new GPNF_Session( $form['88'] );
	$cookie  = $session->get_cookie();
	$temporary_id = rgar( $cookie, 'hash', '' );
	$userid = get_current_user_id();
	$household = get_field('household_members', 'user_'.$userid );
	foreach( $household as $person) {
		$new_child_entry = array(
    		'form_id' => 87, // The ID of the child form.
    		'created_by' => $userid,
			'2' => $person['date_of_birth'], // DoB
    		'1.3' => $person['member_first_name'], //member_first_name
    		'1.6' => $person['member_last_name'], //member_last_name
    		'4' => $person['member_phone_numer'], //member_phone_number
			'3' => $person['member_email_address'], //member_email_address
    		GPNF_Entry::ENTRY_PARENT_KEY => $temporary_id, // The ID of the parent entry.
    		GPNF_Entry::ENTRY_PARENT_FORM_KEY => 88, // The ID of the parent form.
    		GPNF_Entry::ENTRY_NESTED_FORM_FIELD_KEY => 4, // The ID of the Nested Form field on the parent form.
	$child_entry_id = GFAPI::add_entry( $new_child_entry );

add_filter( 'gpnf_init_nested_form', 'populate_member_child_form' );

Hi Adam,

You can trigger the function using the gform_pre_render hook of the parent form, but I am unsure if it will work for your use case. I see you already have a ticket with us at Gravity Wiz, with the same question, so one of our developers will contact you via email with further answers so your questions.


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