ACF+APC+nested form workflow

Hi all!
it’s now 1 week i’m searching a solution:

I 'm using ACF and GF advanced post creation in a ‘Parent’ form in order to build a dynamic template from a parent form (let’s call it parent)
i’m using another form (called products) using a perks nested form as a child into the parent form. everything is working as i can get on the submission both the parent file, (the new post template) and the childs products in another custom post at the same time.

My question now is:
how can i get automatically on submission, the product names or products ID from the nested child form into the Parent form?

i already have a related post configuration in ACF witch is working by hand in the admin (i mean i can select in an ACF field, all the childs products in the parent custom post), but i’m not able actually to get the custom post entry from the nested child form into the parent form /custom post automatically when subiting.

is there a hook or a simple way to do attach the entrys of a child nested form witch create a independante child custom post) into the Parent form? witch create the template parent custom post that should display only it’s attached products when submiting?

thanks in advance


Hi Esther. Have you already reached out to Gravity Wiz support for the Nested Forms perk? They would be the most qualified to answer questions about that plugin’s functionality.