List not showing properly in WordPress

The List feature is not showing properly in the WordPress page. In the preview of Gravity forms, there is a plus sign so the respondent can add additional fields. In WordPress, the plus sign does not appear.

Here are the images :

Any help is appreciated!

Do you have a public link at which this issue can be seen? It is likely that a plugin or the theme may be hiding this.

Here’s the public link:

The Enrolment Details and Class Profile of Incoming Students for 2021-22 are Lists and should have a plus sign at the rightmost end.

Hi Hazel. I looked at your page, and I can see that the SVG images for the add/remove row are loading with zero for both dimensions. When I give them a size, they appear (showing just the Add button here):

It looks like something on your site is interfering with the regular operation of Gravity Forms and the List field. Please use these steps to find the conflict:

Please let us know what you find out.

Hi Chris. Thank you so much!!

I’ll test it for theme/plugin conflict and let you know the results.

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