Label - input positioning in multi column form

I created a form where i ask for user information like adress, zip, … and used a 2-column layout in majority . But in some cases it is useful to use a single column layout. But there are static width-calculation rules in the standard css (label-width: 30% ; input-width:70%) thats why my form looks like:

Is there a built-in function to harmonize this view so that the distances are equal? Or do i have to use custom CSS?

You would need to tweak the styles by adding your own custom CSS to the site. The following documentation provides you some CSS targeting examples for field types and form elements: CSS Selectors Archives - Gravity Forms Documentation

There’s also a third-party add-on to apply custom styles to Gravity Forms that maybe could help you:

Also any third-party plugin intended to visually customize your page content should allow you to style the forms too, therefore you’re not limited to plugins specifically made for Gravity Forms:

( This one has specific support for Gravity Forms ​​​ ).

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