jQuery.fn.bind() is deprecated


The jQuery Migrate plugin is logging the next deprecation for GF:
jQuery.fn.bind() is deprecated
File: /plugins/gravityforms/js/gravityforms.js

In the console i get this error: Uncaught ReferenceError: gformInitSpinner is not defined

This error came after updating to WP 5.7
I have GF 2.4.23

What can i do?

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Hi Koen. You can ignore that notice. Deprecation notices are recommendations to update your code. The issue will be resolved in Gravity Forms 2.5 which will be released before those deprecated functions are actually removed from a future version of jQuery.

If you need additional information, please open a support ticket here:

Thank you.

Using the same JQuery Migrate helper with Gravity Forms 2.5.9, WordPress 5.7.2, “jQuery.fn.bind() is deprecated” is still a reported issue. “bind(” occurs in both gravityforms.js and gravityforms.min.js

Could we please get an update on this fix?

You can ignore deprecation notices like that. The functions they refer to still exist and can be used, they just aren’t recommended for use in new code and existing code should eventually be migrated to alternative functions. Gravity Forms will migrate to an alternate function in a future major release, before the deprecated function is removed from a future major jQuery release.