Issue with REST API V2 on Gravity Forms 2.7.15 Post Server Upgrade to PHP 8.27 & MariaDB 10.11.3

Hello everyone,

I recently upgraded my server to PHP version 8.27 and MariaDB version 10.11.3. Concurrently, I am running the latest version of Gravity Forms, which is 2.7.15.

Post-upgrade, I have encountered an issue regarding the REST API functionality. Specifically, when a new entry is submitted to any of my Gravity Forms, neither Zapier nor, which are integrated using the Gravity Forms API V2, are receiving a trigger signal from the form submissions.

This issue manifested right after the server upgrades were performed. Prior to these upgrades, the API integrations were functioning flawlessly.

I am endeavoring to ascertain whether this is a bug within the plugin post the aforementioned server upgrades or if the hiccup is stemming from our server configurations post-upgrade.

I have ensured that all other server and WordPress configurations remain unchanged and the issue persists solely with the Gravity Forms API V2 interactions.

I would greatly appreciate any insights or troubleshooting steps that anyone could provide to help resolve this issue. Additionally, if anyone else has experienced a similar issue post server upgrade, sharing your experience and resolution would be immensely valuable.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Best regards,

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