Is there a way to make status tracking in Gravity View?

Hello everyone.

I have one student registration form that is connected to 4 views in a gravity view. Every view has the same column. In the student registration form, there are several hidden fields. So the hidden fields are only display for administrators to fill in student registration forms.

The work flow below:

  1. Student fill out and submit forms.
  2. In the first view the submission form from student is appears in this view with the status “new”.
  3. The administrator edits the entry and fills in the hidden column.
  4. After the student’s entry is updated, the status changes to “stage 1” on the first view then appears on the second view with the status “stage1”.
  5. The administrator does the same from the 2 steps above until the entry process in step 4.
  6. If the entry has been updated by the administrator at stage 4 then the status changes to “Complete”.

The status are : New, Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Complete.

Hi @jfendy! Rafael here from GravityView support. There isn’t any method to achieve this without some custom coding, unfortunately. I would suggest you look into GravityFlow as well:

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