Is there a limit to simultaneous users on the same form?

Hi - I am building a form tool for a client that has expanded greatly in scope. The form uses a lot of conditional logic and some custom js. I was just told that there is the possibility of 90K-100K people using this form (the same form all on the same site) at the same time each day.

I want to make sure this is possible, are there any specific server requirements or WP settings that I should make sure get implemented to allow this?

I love WP and Gavity Forms but I’m not sure if it was the right choice for this now that I know the possible scope of user activity.

Any input is appreciated

The good news is: the conditional logic and custom JavaScript all runs on the client side. The performance of the form in the browser will be dependent on the user who is visiting (be that a Windows 7 desktop with Internet Explorer, a 2019 Macbook Pro with 32GB of RAM, or a Moto E or iPhone 11 Max Pro.) Every one of those devices will need to process the JavaScript locally and the speed will be dependent on the processing power of the device and the browser/JavaScript engine in use.

The other news: The concurrent user issue is dependent on the web hosting and the database host. We do not have a recommendation for specific specs for RAM/Bandwidth/Processors/OS for the web server or for the database server. I would present your use case to your web host, or prospective web host, to find out their recommendations.

As an interesting data point, Basecamp launched their Hey email service, and one of the company founders tweeted a bit about the traffic and load and infrastructure. Here is one of the relevant twitter threads:

There is definitely some research to be done to support that many concurrent visitors. You won’t be able to handle that traffic with a $20/month shared hosting account.

Let us know if you have any other questions and if anyone else has specific recommendations, please feel free to share them. Thank you.