Is it possible to add a "note to self" type of note in a form?

As the subject says: I’d like to add a note here and there to remind myself why certain field is (or isn’t) there. For example, if I use the invisible reCaptcha v3, I need to remove the captcha field from the form–but I don’t want to later on re-add the captcha field because I have forgotten why it has been removed.

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You can add a new field, such as “Section”, and change the visibility to Administrative in the Field Advanced settings. This way, the field won’t be displayed on the frontend but will be available in the form edit area for you. You can make a note of this in the Description under General setting.

For a visual guide, please refer to the following screen recording: :point_down:

Screen recording

Give it a try, and let me know how that goes! :smile:

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Beautiful! Glad I asked. Thank you!

The administrative “Section” field is a good adhoc solution. If you’d like a more formal system to annotate your form and form fields, Gravity Hopper has a dedicated solution to this problem: Field Notes | Gravity Hopper


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