Invalid Email Address with Gravity Forms Email Field

Hi all,

This is a bit of a shot in the dark as I can’t regularly replicate this issue, but I’ve had multiple people indicate they’ve had problems.

When a form is submitted with an email address entered, it will occasionally return an error that says “Invalid email address:” even though the entered field is clearly an email address. If the user immediately hits submit, it will send just fine without having to re-type the email address.

I am having trouble figuring out exactly what could be causing it. So far I have determined that it’s not a caching plugin, not a captcha issue (happens on forms without captcha), and it doesn’t happen every time. I am just not finding a common thread here, but maybe someone else has encountered something similar and can provide insight?


Two things occurred to me. First, are you using email validation for that field? If not, try doing so and see if it resolves the problem. Second, perhaps this could be an instance of faulty auto-complete on the user’s behalf.

That was my initial thought was that it was user error, but I have been able to replicate it once on my end where it’s using an entered email address, coming back invalid, and then I hit Submit again without doing anything else and it goes through. The frustrating thing about this bug is that I can’t replicate it with any regularity.

I will try email validation and see what happens. Thanks!