Integration with OptimisePress?

Anyone know how to integrate a form block into a page created in OptimizePress within wordpress?
In OP I get a list of blocks that I can drag onto my page and then configure. Is it possible to show or select a ‘Gravity Form’ block that I can drag in?

Otherwise any ideas about how I can embed the form? (there is an option to add an html block, so I presume could use that somehow?)

I’m not sure what sort of blocks are shown by default in OptimizePress, but Gravity Forms does have a form block. You can search for ‘form’ and it will show up. We also have other methods for embedding a form, which you can find here:

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thanks - yes I’ve seen that page and it didnt give me what I need, which is an example of what the shortcode looks like within an html script for embedding into my Optimisepress page?

David - I use Gravity Forms throughout my optimizepress site.

Are you using the new Optimizepress 3, or an earlier, gen 2 version?

Optimisepress v3 only been using it since April. And gravity forms since may.