Forms Won't apply to WP Pages

Hello, I’m trying to add a form to one of my WordPress pages but I’m having no luck. In the past I was able to click “Add Form” in the classic editor, then select which form I wanted to use and it would be applied to the page. Now, when I select a form the dialogue box freezes and no form is applied to the page. I’ve confirmed that I’m running the latest version of the plugin and WP, but still no luck. Any ideas? Thanks!

It sounds like this is happening in the new block editor, correct? It could be that another plugin is conflicting with blocks functioning properly. Are you able to see any errors in your browser console? This would likely point to any conflict.

If you need to get it embedded prior to identifying a fix for the block, you can still use the shortcode block – assembling a shortcode according to this doc.


To check for conflicts on the site with out plugins or your theme, you can use the Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin. We have an article on how to do that here:

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