Information needed before purchasing a licence: Change background colour and add background image

I do not yet have a licence but am testing Gravity Forms to decide whether to purchase one. One feature I need is to use an image (image of a paper form) as a form background so that I can add fields into the empty spaces of the paper form and effectively create an online version of our paper form that looks identical.
I tested the code shown here (Set background image for all forms) to change the background colour of the demo quiz form. I also tested CSS code from another post to set an image as a background. However, neither worked.
Any ideas if these features are possible? Please let me know if this can be done on the demo site so I can test it.
Thank you!

Hi Hilke. Yes, you can do this on the demo site. It will require some HTML and CSS skill to set the background image, then CSS to manipulate the position of the fields so they line up where you want on the image of the paper form.

You can use the following link to spin up a demo site where you can test Gravity Forms and all the official add-ons for several days:

You’re also welcome to purchase a license and try it out on your site, and if it turns out that Gravity Forms does not work for your use case, you can always request a refund within the first 30 days of purchase.

Here is our refund policy:

Thank you.​​​​

Thank you Chris,
I am already working in the demo version and that’s where I tried to set the background image.
Could you send me the required code please? I would like to see this is working before we purchase the licence as I have seen a few comments online with people having difficulties. I’d also like to see how using a background image affects the performance on different devices. I appreciate the refund policy but I may as well get through this hurdle before signing up.I love your demo site, it’s such a great way to show off the product.
Thank you,

Can you share the image that you’re trying to overlay fields on so I have something to start with? Thank you.

Hi Chris,
Thank you for your help.
Here is a link to an example of the type of form I’d like to use. I provided it as pdf, jpg, and png files. Link to example form

Hi Hilke. I was looking at the images and laying some fields over the image. I can make them all line up at a specific screen size, but the form fields do not resize nicely on other devices and become misaligned. I don’t believe it will be possible to do exactly what you want with the background image.

You may have more luck creating a form and styling the form elements to look close to the way the image looks. You could start with left label positioning rather than the default of top labels.

And then there is a question about what the email notification needs to look like after the form is submitted. I would not look anything like the image or the form. It would look like this with the alternating blue bands for the field labels: Notification plus - Droplr

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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