Include pdf of the module to supportcandy ticket

Hi all
Here my scenario: my GravityForm module populates a pdf (E2pdf) and open a ticket in SupportCandy . The pdf is then attached (and linked for download) in the notification email to customer and admin via E2pdf shortcode.

Is there a way to insert the pdf into the SupportCandy ticket (or a link to download)? the E2pdf shortcode into an hidden field into the form (then in the ticket) does not work since it returns the pdf template (unfilled).

(The files uploaded with the form are correctly included into the ticket).

Not so sure it is a matter of GravityForm (already opened a support tt to E2pdf), I just looking for a somehow solution or an idea.

thanks a lot

How are you creating the SupportCandy ticket? Via an api/webhook?

If you can identify the generated PDF path to store into a separate field, it does sound like it should be possible. Perhaps using gform_after_submission to store the value via GFAPI::update_entry_field. At which point the merge tags for that field could be included in your API request to SupportCandy.