Improving (replacing) the Gravity forms Date Picker

Hi everyone,

I used to have a nice replacement of the default Gravity Forms date picker. Here it ‘was’ ……/gravity-forms-date…/19674593

Unfortunately, it stopped working, is no longer available, and there’s no way to contact the developer.

A ray of hope was that the code for that was based on someone else’s code. They have Javascript and jQuery versions of the date picker. I assume that the one I was using just modified the code in some way to make it work with Gravity Forms.

I contacted this original author a while ago, and they were initially responsive. But now they have gone quiet too!

I’ve looked of other options, but I can’t find many (which I find surprising).

So, can anyone help me with any of these options …

  1. If I buy “datedropper Javascript” (dateDropper Javascript - A javascript date picker UI component), is it possible to get that working with Gravity Forms? If so, how? I’m comfortable editing files, and know the structure of code, but I’m no programmer!

  2. If I but “datedropper jQuery” (from the same website), is it possible to get that working with Gravity Forms? I ‘think’ that the Javascript version has more options, but I’m not sure if I’d need them.

  3. Failing those two options, has anyone used “Date Picker by Input WP”? If so, does it still work? The recent support and reviews comments make me nervous about parting money for it without a thumbs up from somewhere.

  4. Any other options that you would recommend? I just want a nice looking date picker, that I can set the colours for, set the start week to be Monday (most seem to default to Sunday), and block dates in the past. I’d also like to be able to have the resulting date field filled with “Friday, 17th December 2021” rather than 17/12/2021.

Please help! :slight_smile:

Hi Damian. I think I saw on Facebook that you received some help from Joshua?

Hi Chris,

I’ve asked about this issue in a few different places, because I had a lovely date picker set up which no longer works and the default date picker feels very weak in comparison.

I’ve just had a look at my facebook posts in a UK WordPress group and in a Gravity forms group, but I can’t see anything from anyone called Joshua.

Can you point me to what you’ve seen? Or is there a solution that you know of?


Hi Damian. His real name is Joshua, but listed on Facebook as UA Vandercar. He replied to your post here:

Ah, yes. I did see the reply from UA Vandercar.

It was very helpful in me finding more out about the 2.5 changes, and the legacy mode, which I was oblivious to.

However, it didn’t help me to either fix my broken date picker or to replace it with one that works the way that I’d like it.

Maybe it was the 2.5 changes that broth the date picker plugin? Would there be any way of finding that out?

And do you know if it would be possible to get …


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