Date picker broken

Hi All,
The date picker on my clients sites has started not working. It looks like the styling has broken and when you go to pick a date the calendar just paginates to the next month. See form in question:

Nothing has changed recently to the site except for WP 5.6 upgrade.

Any suggestions please help.

Hello. I tried looking at the form to see what the conflict is, but it appears you have switched to date fields rather than a datepicker. If you still need assistance with this, please open a support ticket:

Be sure to include a URL to a page on your site where support can see a form with the broken datepicker. Thank you.

Yes I still need help but had to revert to a different date type. Have you not had any others reporting this? Let me know a time and I can revert if for your review

Hello again. No, we’re not receiving reports of this.

The best way to do this is via a support ticket. If you can duplicate this form, do that, then change the date inputs back to datepicker, and embed that form in a page. You don’t have to link that page to any menus. Then send us that URL in your support ticket: