If number field greater than 50 set value of a text field to string

I’ve created a personality quiz. Each question is weighted and based off the average score of the questions the user is given a personality style.

I have a number field that calculates the average. On a set of questions, if the user scores higher than 50 they get the “Collaborative” personality trait. If less than 50, they get the “Independent” personality trait.

How do I take the value from the number field and convert that to a text string based of the number be great than 50? Ideally, I would be able to use an if else statement in the default value, but I can’t seem to figure out how to set that up.

You could create two Single Line Text fields on the form with the Default Values of “Collaborative” and “Independent” respectively. You could then use conditional logic to hide/show the different fields based on the results being greater/less than 50.

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