Is there a conditional logic that will populate a field if another field has a smaller or larger number

Does Gravity forms have a feature where I can tell a field to decide what number to populate into another field? For instance, field A will have a number in its field and field B will have a number in its field and then I want to configure Field C to choose from either field A or field B depending on which number is larger. So “If field A is larger than field B then populate filed A”.

Field A – 15,000
Field B – 12,000
Field C – will select Field A 15,000 because it is the larger number

Something similar to the conditional logic feature that is available in Gravity forms but that is for making fields visible or hidden. I need a conditional logic that is based on greater than or less than.

I’ve successfully used this Gravity Forms MIN/Max Calculations plugin on a site. Might work for your situation?

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Wow this is awesome information and seems like exactly what I need. So I just went ahead and activated the plugin, and then went back into one of forms to a number field. Where is this feature going to appear so I can give it a try? Is it going to automatically load into my existing gravity forms that I have created?

Hi Joshua after I activate this plugin is there another step that I have to do because I don’t see anything different when I go one of my number fields where I can choose Max or Min?

It works. Nevermind. Thank you

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Hi Joshua,

Did you ever get error debugging message when using gravity min max plugin?

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done any work on the site to which I deployed this. I don’t recall encountering any errors at that time.

Glad you were able to get this sorted. For those dropping in here in the future and looking to get this working, the Github doc examples outline use pretty well. You’ll utilize a number field with calculation enabled.